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truma varioheat comfort

  Truma VarioHeat comfort

Small. Silent. Smart.

The Truma Varioheat comfort is a luxury furnace perfect for travel trailers, motorhomes and vans. Sleep sweet and sound thanks to it's near-silent operation and intelligent fan control, complete with a three stage burner system and special night mode. RV manufactures can choose to install the Truma VarioHeat in addition to the Truma AquaGo to create a world-class, hybrid system for heating and instant hot water. The digital CP plus control panel ensures minimal variation in room temperature and can also be used to operate the Truma AquaGo.

Compact size
High air flow for quick heating
Heating power is automatic
Digital control panel

Suitable for


Compact Furnace for Many Uses

The Truma VarioHeat is an especially compact furnace for travel trailers, motorhomes and vans. It can be installed flexibly in various positions - vertically or horizontally - and is suitable as the main furnace in a van or an additional furnace in larger vehicles.

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Compact furnace for many uses: Truma VarioHeat

  • CP plus Ready
    • Digital control panel for Truma VarioHeat furnaces and Truma AquaGo water heater with automatic climate control, boost function and time switch
    • Simply set the room temperatures on the digital Truma CP plus control panel and the Truma systems do the rest
  • Three Operating Modes
    • Level 1
      • 4,700 BTU/h
    • Level 2
      • 8,900 BTU/h
    • Level 3
      • 11,500 BTU/h
  • Unique Features
    • Silent operation with intelligent fan control
    • Highest available efficiency up to 90%
    • Digital control ensures minimal variation in room temperature
    • Direct or ducted system installation
    • Minimal side wall penetration with ducted exhaust / air intake
    • When combined with the Truma AquaGo, creates a world-class, hybrid system for heating and instant hot water

Truma VarioHeat in Action

More Details about Truma VarioHeat comfort

Set your heater easily using the push button knob on the digital control panel CP plus VarioHeat. 
The boost function increases the air flow significantly, so that your vehicle heats up exceptionally quickly. Thanks to an optimized volume flow, the warm air is also sent to the end of long heating pipes. In the night mode, the Truma VarioHeat comfort runs reliably on the lowest level so that the fan is almost inaudible at night.

  • Compact size
    Light weight of 5.5 kg
  • High air flow for quick heating
  • Heating power is automatically
    Operating level adapted depending on
    the set temperature
    Three operating levels – especially quiet
    in the lower level
  • Digital control panel
    A Boost function is available for the Truma
    VarioHeat and a time switch is integrated.
    The desired room temperature can be set with precision.
    The Truma AquaGo can also be controlled with the digital Truma CP plus VarioHeat control panel
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truma varioheat comfort
Truma VarioHeat comfort
Truma VarioHeat comfort: High-performance, space-saving gas furnace with the latest technology
truma varioheat airflow
Truma VarioHeat Airflow
Truma VarioHeat: Efficient and lightweight
truma varioheat cp plus
Truma VarioHeat CP plus
Truma CP plus VarioHeat control panel for VarioHeat heaters
We looked at all the options out there and after much deliberation we decided on the Truma. This has been the best purchase, it works flawlessly each and every time. It's nice to have a product exceed our expectations.
Dylan Gilbert, Facebook Review
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So how can an RV water heater say so much? Well, remember seeing those Intel commercials urging you to look for computers with “Intel inside”? Intel gave you confidence that those computer brands were higher quality than others without that Intel emblem. You can apply the same thinking to RVs. As you are reading this blog there’s a good chance you own an RV with Truma On Board. If so, you have invested wisely in an RV brand that makes a strong effort to provide owners with an experience well above the average.