ERV's 1-Year Review; The Truma AquaGo Lives up to its Reputation!


It's been one year since Izzy and MJ at Endless RVing upgraded their RV water heater to the Truma AquaGo. In this video they talk about their experience. What they like, dislike, reliability, cost, and whether they would purchase it again. Like Izzy and MJ, many RV'ers have shared their own experience with the Truma AquaGo. Read on to view the Endless RV video and also see what others are saying about their own AquaGo experience.

Truma and Lance: Partners in Quality


There are so many fun aspects about RVing life that surely no two people would be able to agree on the top “best” things. Time spent with family, surrounded by nature and many leisure activities just steps from your morning coffee and cozy bed are a great start to name a few. But RV activities are not known for being especially clean. So while you’re out there having fun in the mud, dust and dirt Truma is happy to welcome you back to a hot shower and warm RV at the end of your day.


RV heating and hot water…where technology and comfort come together

Shower AquaGo

When you think about comfortable living, do you think of sophisticated temperature stabilizing mixing vessels, microprocessor temperature stabilization, hydronic heating technology, decalcification technology or combination RV heating and hot water systems? Probably not!


Chances are, you’re more likely to picture in your mind soft pillows, your favorite comfy chair, a luxurious bath, a pillow-top mattress, perhaps a warming fireplace. These are not exactly high tech things! But technology is integral to our daily comforts and of course to RV enjoyment.

Bloggers on the road with Truma


More and more RVers are buying RV’s that include Truma products, or they are immediately upgrading the brand new water heater that comes standard in the RV purchased to the Truma AquaGo. In this blog post we are highlighting Mortons on the Move, a couple who improved their RV with the Truma AquaGo last year and blog from the road as full time RVers.