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Keeping Your Pets Comfortable and Safe When You RV

rv with pets

They aren’t just pets, to some they’re also family and for as long as people have been traveling, they have been taking their pets along for the adventure. Many RVs even have special pet food and watering stations, tie-out grommets and little windows for your furry friends to watch the scenery.  Truma makes RVing comfortable for your pet as well. If your dog likes hiking as much as you do, you both can enjoy hot water for showering when you return to your RV. 

Pets make great companions and not just at home but also on the road. But before you pack a box of Fido’s favorite toys, here are some helpful hints to consider to make sure your vacation is relaxing and safe for both you and your pet. 

• Let your animals get used to exploring your RV before you leave for a trip. Let them sniff and crawl around so they are comfortable once the coach starts moving. 

• Make sure your animals are secure while you are driving and are not able to get around your feet when your motorhome is in motion. 

• Have a plan for keeping your pets cool during the day. Do not leave them in a hot RV with no air conditioning on. Even if it is only 70º outside, the RV can reach temps of up to 100º inside. Utilize shade, ceiling fans if you have them and sunshades to keep the sun from heating up your coach too much. 

• Consider leash training cats so they can enjoy some safe outside time each day.

• Make sure your pet’s vaccinations and identity tags are up to date. 

• It is a good idea to research the area you are traveling to determine just how pet friendly the campground is that you are visiting. States have different leash laws so make sure you are familiar with the law where you are planning to visit.

• Look up the names, addresses and phone numbers of vets and emergency vet clinics near your destination and along on the way.

• Don’t forget the pet shampoo! If your playful pooch decides to roll around in the closest mud puddle, no worries. Most RVs have an outdoor shower and since you have the Truma AquaGo, you won’t have to wait for your hot water because it is instant. You also do not need to worry about wasting it because it’s continuous. There will always be hot water left for the whole family as well!

• Don’t forget these items:
Waste bags
Litter box
Any medications they may take
Pet shampoo

Traveling with your pets can be a fun but challenging experience. But as long as you are prepared ahead of time you can have a rewarding trip or even enjoy a permanent life on the road!