The History of Truma

The 1950s

Economic Boom and a New Zest for Life

The 1950s are a charmed time of unexpected, rapid and sustained economic growth: the economic miracle. The Volkswagen Beetle in seen as a symbol of the period to this day. It began its own unparalleled success story at this time, with the millionth Beetle rolling off the production line in 1955. Particularly after the horror of the Second World War, the boom helped people in Germany find a new sense of self-assurance. Many of them were finally motivated to do something new and become active and creative. The economic boom that started in Germany eventually spread to the rest of Europe.

Truma in 1949 and the 1950s

1949 & 1950s

Truma Established
Truma Established
first patent
First Truma Patent
Truma Heat Radiator
Truma Heat Radiator
mass production
Mass Production of Light Fittings
truma valve
Truma Valve

The 1960s

The Hippie Movement and the Moon Landing

The oft-cited 1960s were a decade of upheaval, leading to left-wing civil rights movements. The Beatles made music history and the hippie movement reached its high point at the Woodstock festival. Not forgetting: the miniskirt, which took the fashion world by storm, Neil Armstrong, who became the first person to set foot on the moon, and US President John F. Kennedy, whose visit to Berlin was a cause for great celebration. The technology sector was dominated by a plethora of everyday inventions that are still with us today, including the color television and electronic pocket calculator.

Truma in the 1960s


first camper heating system
The First Camper Heating System
the truma logo
Unchanged to this day: The Truma Logo
trumatic-S 3000
The Trumatic-S 3000
improved warm air distribution
Improved Warm Air Distribution
duomatic gas cylinder system
Fully Automatic Changeover: Duomatic Gas Cylinder System

The 1970s

Flower Power and World Cup Champions

Vibrant colors, geometric patterns and futuristic designs are the hallmarks of the 1970s. From furniture and fashion to technology - the maxim was: make it colorful. the 1970s were memorable - in part because of the hippy party culture and legendary bands like Abba. In 1974, there was an unforgettable sporting moment when Germany won the World Cup. A number of technical inventions of the 1970s would go on to shape the future. The first email was sent as far back as 1971 and the @ symbol so familiar to us today was introduced in email addresses. It is unlikely that anyone realized at the time what impact this little gimmick would have.

Truma in the 1970s


cross of merit
Cross of Merit for Philipp Kreis
customer service
Truma Customer Service
trumatic e heater
Trumatic E Heater
therme water heating
Truma Therme Water Heating

The 1980s

Neon Colors and Technology Revolution

Anyone thinking of the 1980s immediately pictures garish neon colors, slim-fit tapered jeans and big hair. But it is a decade that also boasts a range of highlights in other areas. In 1982, the whole of Germany celebrated when Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany for the first time with "Ein bisschen Frieden". The previous year, Philips and Sony had presented a brand new storage medium: the compact disc. The 1980s heralded the start fo the information age generally. IBM brought out the first personal computer, which came with either 16KB or 64KB of storage.

Truma in the 1980s


truma boiler
Truma Boiler
admin building and cold chamber
Administration Building and Cold Chamber in Putzbrunn
mini heat exchanger
Mini Heat Exchanger for Trumatic E 1800
r schimmer-wottrich takes over
Renate Schimmer-Wottrich Takes Over as Manager
modernize facilities
Modernized Production Facilities

The 1990s

Reunification and Climate Change

German reunification in 1990 and the end of the Cold War marked the start of a new age for Germany, which was also reflected in realignments across the world. The dangers of climate change were recognized and a climate conference was held in Kyoto Japan. The market for consumer electronics boomed, producing lots of popular products: the first Gameboy came out, the Discman replaced the Walkman and IBM made a name for itself when a computer called Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a tournament. 

Truma in the 1990s


high bay warehouse
Extension Building and High-Bay Warehouse
trumatic c
Trumatic C goes into Production
truma uk
Truma UK Established
the mover maneuvering system
The First Truma Maneuvering System: The Mover

The 2000s

A New Millennium and the Introduction of the Euro

The new millennium was celebrated in style all over the world and good wishes for the New Year were sent in around ten billion text messages. Mobile phones become more important in business communications as well. Technical progress in many areas was rapid. It took just ten years, for instance, for analogue cameras to be squeezed out by digital cameras. In Europe, the ear of the D-mark, lira and franc came to an end with the introduction of the euro. In a much more negative turn of events, the terror attacks on the World Trade Center produced searing images that will remain branded in our memories.

Truma in the 2000s


cross of merit
Cross of Merit for Renate Schimmer-Wottrich
tech and innovation center
Technology and Innovation Center
saphire air conditioner
Saphire Air Conditioning System: the Lightest in its Class
introduction of the truma combi
Introduction of the Truma Combi
renate schimmer-wottrich steps down
Renate Schimmer-Wottrich Steps Down from the Management Board
The R-Class Mover
Even Lighter, Even More Reliable: The R-Class Mover

The 2010s

Digital Revolution and Artificial Intelligence

The digital revolution continued in the 2010s: companies discovered social networks, and the Internet of Things become a catchword for global networking. Specialist artificial intelligence firms were more in demand than ever before. German football fans had reason to celebrate in 2014, when Joachim Low led the national team to World Cup victory.

Truma in the 2010s


gas crash sensor
Safety on the Road: the Crash Sensor
roof mounted air conditioner
First Roof-Mounted Truma Air Conditioning System: the Aventa
50th anniversary of camper heating
Anniversary: 50 Years of RV and Camper Heating Systems
truma mover xt
Ultra-Precision Maneuvering: Truma Mover XT
truma app
Truma App: Digital Convenience
Alexander Wottrich joins Truma
Alexander Wottrich Joins the Company
truma inet sysems wins innovation award
Truma iNet System wins European Innovation Award
varioheat replaces e-heaters
Truma VarioHeat Replaces E Heaters
Alexander Wottrich technical managing director
Alexander Wottrich Appointed Technical Managing Director